Swelling and Soaking

Swelling tests for stabilised and regular soils

Swelling tests for stabilised soils is something important to consider as on occasion soils mixed with lime or cement can swell significantly causing a failure of the material. Our laboratory is equipped to measure any potential swelling in accordance with BS EN 13286.

Soaking of tests for CBR is also an important consideration. If a soil is likely to end up in a saturated condition in-situ then it makes sense to have CBR tests arranged in a soaked condition so that the effect of water ingress on the CBR strength of a material can be assessed.

Accelerated swelling

We have the facilities to accelerate swelling tests through the use of increased temperatures

Important for all soils

If the full chemical make up of the soil is not known then swelling could occur in stabilised soils

5mm maximum

A typical specification might call for a maximum of 5mm swell of a test specimen before it becomes a concern