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Core Drilling 

To compliment, support and extend our ground testing services we are pleased to now offer full diamond-cored drilling on any site in England or Wales. This service uses state-of-the-art coring technology utilised by our experienced technicians and can be used in many situations including: 
Concrete coring of existing floors in warehouses etc to assess concrete condition and depth and neatly expose underlying materials for further testing 
Tarmac and other surfacing coring to assess layer depth for compliance purposes 
Investigatory coring into materials and structures to assess compliance or investigate failure 
We have the scope to core from 50mm to 400mm diameter holes at various depths and orientations. Our equipment is portable and hugely versatile and available at short notice. 
If you would like any further information or to book some coring then please do get in touch. 
Why choose Hixtra? 
Our coring division team is available at short notice for diamond core drilling at your site any where in England and Wales and our rates are very competitive. We can also arrange for quality reinstatement of core holes. 
Safe, clean coring 
Our state of the art equipment is designed to give precise diameter core holes with minimum mess. Our water recycling system means that you are not left with large pools of dust-contaminated water on your surfacing as our equipment constantly recycles it during coring and we take it away at the end of the day! Our core holes create a smooth finish to the bore and the area is left clean and the equipment is also suitable for confined or difficult to access spaces. 
Many diameters, many uses 
We have the facility to core holes between 50mm and 400mm which can be in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Cores can be drilled to examine a material failure, or to create access, or to check materials – a whole variety of uses 
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