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Construction & Geotechnical Testing 

Sample Testing 

The process of selecting, taking, preserving and transporting test samples 
Sampling of materials is so much more than merely collecting a sample. To ensure that your test results are representative of the material from which they came it's important that the samples have been taken in accordance with the relevant British or European standard and that the containers, the sample handling, preservation and transport conditions also meet that standard. 
This is where we come in as we have the technical and practical experience to make sure all samples are taken just as they should be. A poor sample could lead to expensive decisions being made on unreliable results. 
Why choose Hixtra? 
We will come to your site to prepare the material sample saving on huge shipping costs of large heavy samples. 
Technical details 
The test normally uses a 14 to 10mm size fraction but we can use other sizes if you need. 
Why this test is useful 
If your aggregate does not resist fragmentation well then you could find it crushes when it's rolled, destroying vital properties. 
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