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Non-Nuclear Earthworks Density Testing 

In-Situ Bulk and Dry Density and Water Content of Soil and aggregates in earthworks using an Electromagnetic Soil Density Gauge 
To complement our existing earthworks density testing capability we have invested in non-nuclear methods to offer our clients a faster more convenient way of checking for that all important 95% compaction. The benefits over traditional sand replacement density are numerous but the main advantage is a saving of time with instant percentage compaction values being available on-site so no time wasted waiting for next day results. 
What about nuclear methods? Well, forget those radioactive, environmentally unfriendly, higher safety risk methods because non-nuclear methods can do all they can without the hazards to the user and others of using radioactive materials. 
For the technically minded non-nuclear density testing uses advanced electrical impedance spectroscopy, so the unit is able to make instantaneous, non-invasive, in-situ measurements of soil density and moisture content. The approach permits separation of the effects of soil type, density, and moisture content on the response of the soil to electromagnetic probing. The density, or compaction level, is measured by the response of the unit’s electrical sensing field to changes in electrical impedance of the material matrix, which in turn is a function of the composite dielectric constant of the soil constituents and the air trapped in the voids of the material. 
Instant Results 
No waiting around for next day test results to progress on cut and fill operations as percentage compaction values are immediately available 
Safe and Environmentally Friendly 
No radioactive materials are used and no sand waste is produced making this method the safest and most environmentally friendly available 
Supported by our Extensive Earthworks Testing Capability 
Our in house laboratory and site based expertise can ensure that the correct testing at the correct frequency is always achieved despite any challenging conditions or contract clauses! 
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