Lightweight Deflectometer (LWD)

Lightweight Deflectometry to detemine CBR values using a LWD

LWD testing can obtain CBR values on your subgrade, formation and sub base material and because it's small, lightweight and requires no reaction load or dead-weight it is perfect for:

• CBR values on a site where you have no plant to act as a reaction load
• CBR values where the test area is inaccessible to a 4 x 4 vehicle for Insitu CBR by the traditional plunger method

We carry out LWD testing all over the UK and can arrange it at very short notice.
Sometimes called Dynamic Plate Tests, they are quick to perform and another great benefit to you is that through the use of Bluetooth the test measurements are instantly transferred to our technician's tablet to provide you CBR values on the spot. This means you can take immediate remedial action should any result fail your criteria.

The test works by measuring the stiffness of the material being tested and then converting this value to an approximate CBR value. Stiffness is the measure of a materials ability to return to its original shape after loading; what we call the elastic stage. This means the test is best suited to made ground, recycled materials and aggregates because they have elastic stage properties whereas clays tend to have very little elastic stage properties to measure.

Why Use Hixtra?

We can arrange to visit your site quickly anywhere in the UK with guaranteed same day test reports.

No plant needed, can fit into awkward access areas

Anywhere our technician can safely access then so can the LWD to obtain your CBR values.

Instant CBR values

No waiting around for test results as the LWD unit produces instant CBR values allowing you to progress your works