CBR testing (On-site plunger method)

Traditional on-site CBR test using a 4 x 4

In-Situ CBR testing is the definitive method of determining the CBR value of materials on-site. The equipment is attached to our vehicles and is self-sufficient, needing no construction plant to be provided to act as a reaction load.

It is quick to carry out and CBR values can be provided immediately after testing. It is particularly suited to testing when:-​

The material to be tested is free of particles over 20mm

There is no construction plant available to act as reaction load or no room to place it

Tests are required at depth in small excavated trial holes

Why Use Hixtra?

We are UKAS accredited for this testing, we guarantee you will get your test reports the same day and it's quick and easy to arrange for anywhere in the UK.

No plant needed

Because the apparatus is bolted to our 4 x 4 you do not need to provide any plant to act as a dead-weight for this test.

CBR values of clays, sands and fine gravels

The ideal test when you are looking for CBR test values for materials that don't contain coarse gravel particles.