Aggregate testing for engineering, construction and geotechnical works

If you need to assess aggregates, stone or crushed concrete for use as capping, sub base, Type 1 or working platform material then we can help. We undertake a broad range of classification tests to assess whether material complies to a variety of specifications including, the 6F classes, MOT sub bases and aggregates used for other purposes such as in concrete.

We can undertake full analysis of a wide range of aggregate for properties such as grading, strength, abrasion, constituent particles, sulphate levels, soundness, frost heave and much more. To support laboratory based testing we can also sample all materials and provide full compaction level monitoring through a variety of methods on site.

We can help with specification interpretation and are sector leaders in our turnaround times.

Sampled from all over the UK

Test results are only valid if the sample is taken, transported and stored in full accordance with the test requirements so leave the sampling to us!

95% Compaction

Many specifications call for placement of aggregate to meet 95% of maximum compaction. We undertake this type of monitoring all the time.

Latest test methods

Aggregate test methods change often as new materials and practices are adopted. Let us help you get the best type of testing for your aggregate.