Soil testing for geotechnical, construction, building and civil engineering

If you need to assess soils for earthworks, stabilisation, geotechnical, cut and fill or any other engineered fill operation then we can help. We undertake a broad range of classification tests to assess whether material complies to a variety of specifications including the Highways England Classes of fill.

We can undertake full analysis of a wide range of soil properties such as grading, shear strength, plasticity, CBR, sulphate levels, frost heave and much more. To support laboratory based testing we can also sample all materials and provide full compaction level monitoring through a variety of methods.

We can help with specification interpretation and are sector leaders in our turnaround times.

Sector leading turnaround times

We are proud that we can turnaround samples almost quicker than anyone else

Full range of tests

Whatever your testing needs with a broad range of services and in-house expertise we will have it covered

All around the UK

We can service your project needs all over the UK