Shear Strength

Testing to measure the shear strength of soils when used as an engineered fill

At Hixtra we can perform the unconsolidated undrained triaxial test. From the triaxial test data, it is possible to extract fundamental material parameters about the sample, including its shear strength and angle of shearing resistance. These parameters are then used by geotechnical engineers to predict how the material will behave in engineering applications. In addition tests on recompacted samples can be undertaken in line with Highways England requirements for fill testing for shear strength.

The test is carried out on a cylindrical specimen which is loaded at a constant rate of movement whilst the specimen is confined by pressurised fluid. Values of load and sample height are taken at regular intervals.

As a quick but less accurate site based test, hand shear vane testing can be used to get approximate estimates of shear strength in cohesive soils.

Relatively quick test

With no consolidation or draining required test results can be available rapidly.

Multistage testing

If required we can also undertake multi-stage triaxial testing

Carried out to BS EN 17892

Our testing is carried out to the very latest test standard