Pile Mats

Testing to determine the suitability of the ground to sustain loads exerted by a piling rig

A risk assessment for a piling operation will often highlight the need to have the ground that the piling rig will sit on be assessed for its ability to safely sustain the pressures the rig will exert during operations. It is industry standard to use data from the plate bearing test to achieve this and we are experts in providing it! Normally during the test the top level ground or mat surface will be pressurised to a level well in excess of the rig's calculated ground bearing pressure and the resultant settlement of the ground under the test rig will be measured. We can advise on significant test details such as the diameter of the test plate to be used. We can test to a large variety of pressures including those in excess of 100 tons per metre square. For construction of new pile mats can provide CBR test values at formation level, often used to determine the thickness required of build up.

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