Aggregates: Los Angeles Abrasion Test. Method for the determination of resistance to fragmentation

The Los Angeles Abrasion test is a measure of the degradation resistance of aggregate. It is often specified by Highways England to check the strength of some classes of fill material and Type 1 subbase. Aggregates undergo substantial wear and tear throughout their life. In general, they should be hard and tough enough to resist crushing, degradation and disintegration from any associated activities including manufacturing, stockpiling, production, placing and compaction. Furthermore, they must be able to adequately transmit loads from the pavement surface to the underlying layers and eventually the subgrade. This test will help understand how tough and hard the aggregate is.

Why choose Hixtra?

We will come to your site to prepare the material sample saving on huge shipping costs of large heavy samples.

Technical details

The test normally uses a 14 to 10mm size fraction but we can use other sizes if you need.

Why this test is useful

If your aggregate does not resist fragmentation well then you could find it crushes when it's rolled, destroying vital properties.