Aggregates Testing

If you need to assess aggregates, stone or crushed concrete for use as capping, sub base, Type 1 or working platform material then we can help.  We undertake a broad range of classification tests to asses whether material complies to a variety of specifications inducing, the 6F classes, MOT sub bases and aggregates used for other purposes such as in concrete.

Take a look below at the types of tests we offer from our central laboratory and on your site to help with aggregates assessment

On-Site Aggregate Testing
LWD Testing

Lightweight Deflectometer Test for  roads, pile mats, crane bases

CBR Testing

CBR Testing for  roads, pile mats, crane bases...more

Plate Bearing Testing

Plate bearing Testing for pile mats, crane bases, geotechnical...more

DCP Testing

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Testing to obtain CBR for  roads and geotechnical


Obtain a representative sample for testing in the lab

Density & Compaction Testing
Laboratory CBR Testing

For determination of CBR values on remoulded material

Insitu Density using Sand Cone

Density tests on site for all aggregate types

Target Density

Lab Target density to compare in-situ density to

MCV Testing

MCV testing to assess moisture state of aggregate

Swelling Testing

Measurement of swelling under lab conditions for CBR specimens

Classification Testing
Particle Size by Sieveing

For particle sizes from 125mm to 0.063mm

LA Abrasion Testing

Aggregate resistance to degradation

Degree of Pulverisation

Particle strength in stabilised aggregate

Constituent Particles

Assess the amount of undesirable material such as bitumen and plaster

Particle Density

Specific gravity determinations